How to Install Apache on Windows

Following  are steps to install Apache server on Windows 10

1.Download Apache server


2.Extract downloaded file  on C folder


(install >.NET C++ Plugin if not there ).NET Plugin

3. Make following changes to  C:\Apache24\conf \ httpd.conf file

change Listen to Listen

serverName to ServerName localhost

4.check any process running on port 80 (if it is then stop that or change port @ Listen)

(We check this visually with windows resource manager tool

Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>>Resource Monitor (or Run resmon.exe, or from TaskManager performance tab))

usually in Windows 10 following process runs on port 80 “World Wide Web Publishing Service” go to services find it stop it and set manual start option.

5.Now go to C:\Apache24\bin with command prompt and execute httpd.exe

6.open browser and test @

7.That’s all .












What is wordPress

What is wordpress ?

WordPress is blogging application

A content management System

A web publishing tool

created 2003


powers 18% website

WordPress -The application itself
Free to use on any standard web server.
To use wordpress as self hosted application you need domain name and hosting space on a rent.
WordPress.org -place where you can download wordpress package,themes,user forums ,documentation about how to use wordpress.

-WordPress.org site is A self hosted website.

Wrdpress.com- A cloud Hosted service that runs wordPress.

WordPress.com site is site hosted on WordPress.com.