Front End Technologies

Setting Up Angular Environment

Hi folks today we will learn to set up angular development environment

Tools Needed

  1. Sublime Editor
  2. Node package manager


  1. Create angular directory anywhere in your computer eg. C:\angular_root,
    then create following sub-directories scripts & css under angular_root& last create index.html
  2. Install Node to your machine, check $node -v
  3. angular_root$npm install angula
  4. angular_root$npm install http-server
  5. angular_root$npm install angular-material mdi                                                          these commands will create folder node_module in root directory and corresponding js will get downloaded there.
  6.  Now create app.js in scripts folder                                                                                           angular.module(“ng-demo”,[]);
  7. similarly update index.js<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Ng classifieds</title>
    <body ng-app=”ng-demo” ng-init=”message=’Hello sandip, Welcome to Angular'”>



  8. Now run  http-server                                                                                                                                     angular_root$http-server
  9. Test http://localhost:8080/